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House soccer

Soccer if cancelled will be posted here. See you tonight!

Pictures are rescheduled as follows:

U6 - June 1

Pictures will be during your regular play sessions and there will be no retakes. Thanks for your understanding.

Tournament at Sam Steele



Tournament at Sam Steele

Important Information- PLEASE READ

Thank you for joining us at The KEYSA Sam Steele Days Tournament!

Here are a few details you will need to know for our tournament:

 *** Note for our Alberta Teams :
Alberta Tier 1 would be roughly equivalent to our Gold Division;

 Alberta Tier 2 would be roughly equivalent to our Silver Division;

 Alberta tier 3 & 4 would be roughly equivalent to our Bronze Division.

Most teams we host fall into the Silver and Bronze, though we will definitely have a few Gold level teams as well.

1.  SCHEDULES:  Division Schedules will be posted on the KEYSA website. Division schedules will also be emailed to teams.

2.  ROSTERS:  Some divisions may be combined due to numbers. Be sure to bring your final roster when you check-in to the tournament.

3.  SHELTERS:  Teams are to provide their own shelters/benches.

4.  CHECK-IN:  1 hour before your first game (with finalized roster please).

5.  RULES:  Are posted on the KEYSA Website. Please review the rules with your teams, with special attention to jewelry – thanks.

6. GAME SHEET CAUTION LOG: a copy of the game sheet caution log will be included in your division schedule email. Each team must fill out a sheet for each game.   Teams may want to fill out a copy prior to the tournament to bring with them so they don't have to do it at the field.   Each team is responsible for giving it to the ref at the start of the game.   One sheet for EACH game.

7.  FIRST AID:  An “un-manned” First Aid station with a First Aid kit, bandaids, tensors and ice will be available for teams to use at the main tent.

MOIR Park and Mt. Baker Fields are within Cranbrook’s 9-1-1 boundaries for ambulance service, and the EK Regional Hospital is only minutes away. BC Ambulance service has been notified of the tournament.

8. GOVERNING BODY REGISTRATION/CHECK IN : In order to participate in this tournament, ALL players, in ALL divisions (including U19 players) MUST be registered and insured with their governing body. Player numbers will be checked against rosters at registration. Please be sure to bring your most up to date roster with you, along with player cards.

Early registration will be Friday early evening June 16th at Moir Field times TBA. Saturday registration for rep (U13- U18) will take place at Moir Park time TBA.. Saturday Registration for Development (U10 – U12) will take place at Mt. Baker time TBA.


9. OVERAGE PLAYERS: From time to time teams will request and be granted special permission to include up to 2 overage players on their roster. If your team has been granted permission for overage players to join your team, you must ALWAYS abide by the rules of overage players.

-Your opposing team must be made aware of your overage players.    

-No more than ONE overage players on the field at one time (unless prior permission has been granted).

-If this rule is breached, the over-age players will receive a yellow card, and if it happens more than once, they will be removed from the tournament.

-Overage players will only be eligible to play if special permission has been granted by KEYSA, and said players are included on the submitted roster.

10. U10-U12 NEW RULES FOR RETREAT LINE: The Retreat Line is a development tool that assists with the development of players, technically and as a team, tactically. It is currently implemented within all Smallā€sided Under 12 and below playing environments and the following documentation provides the guidelines for implementation into the Under 13 age group playing environments throughout the BC Soccer Membership.

Here is a link to the full explanation of the Retreat Line :

11. PLAYERS REGISTERED TEAM:  No Player will be permitted to play for more than one team in the tournament.


**all games are matched to be as fair as possible. KEYSA always takes into consideration all rostered players, and levels of play, and skill to the best of our ability based on submitted information, as well as first hand experience with teams.

***Quick side note…for teams playing at the Mt. Baker Fields. Parking on Saturday morning may be disrupted by the Sam Steele Days Parade. You can park in the Safeway parking lot (across the street) or at the Western Financial Place (at the end of the block) and walk over.

Thank you all so much for joining us, we are really looking forward to a fun and exciting tournament!

If you have any questions about anything please email Brandy at, or Marcie at


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KEYSA Contact Information

To contact the board with any issues, comments, concerns or recommendations please email:

Thank you to all of our

amazing sponsors

for 2016!!

TECK new sponsor for KEYSA

KEYSA would like to take this opportunity to thank our most recent sponsor, TECK.

Thanks to the TECK sponsorship, our U10 girls team, U10 boys team, U12 girls team, and U13 boys team will all have brand new Jerseys ready for our upcoming season! Everyone at KEYSA appreciates this very generous donation! 

Thank you so much TECK for your support, KEYSA will proudly be sporting your logo for years to come!